Industrial design, for a 3x4 living room


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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this reminds me a lot of a scene I did a while back experimenting with archviz, something about putting couches and in half the frame is really a habit of us artists eh?

and it should be noted yours is definitely executed a lot more proficiently, Mine looks jumbled and rushed and yeah it’s supposed to be green but don’t ask lol

Hi, It’s not that much about habit, it’s a good composition. As you can probably see, the plant points to the dancer in the print on the wall, and the dancer points the other way. It’s symmetrical and feels harmonic. The sofa is there just to say “Hey this a living room”.

About your work, it needs a bit of love that’s it. I would remove the floating skateboard, the shelf’s, replace the plant to a side table, remove the blanket and put a nice looking rug. I must ask from where does the green come from?

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