Industrial Design | Sunglasses: Oakley Jawbreakers

This project was for my Industrial Design assignment at university.

Here is the link to the post on Behance if you’d like to see a higher resolution version.

The task was to model a pair of sunglasses based on a real world example as well as formulate our own branding and logo.

Modelled using Autodesk Fusion 360.
Rendered in Luxcorerender 2.6 alpha through the blendluxcore addon in Blender 2.93.

(if the images seem slightly “grainy” it is because of my post processing, I usually render to a high sample count and then denoise. I often add noise back in depending on the scene to add realism)

“Digital Emily” 3D model and textures courtesy of the WikiHuman Project.

“Smoke” background image courtesy of