Industrial Loft complete ARCHVIZ (30+ images)

(daddario90) #1

Hi everyone,
Recently i was fashinating by Si.Saccab architecture interior. Their apartment MF in Vila Madalena, Spain was an interior style that i liked a lot. I decided in my spare time to recreate the same style interior, like an Industrial Loft.
It all started from modeling a leather sofa and then, after seeing some references i was modeling the whole loft :slight_smile:
I post those results in the Finished project category but i would like to have some critiques and comments about that to improve myself, as i consider this project still a Wip.
I struggled with lot of topics, lighting and post processing mostly! But also i learned lot of new techniques to get better next time!

Anyway about the scene it was all modeled in Blender 2.8 (except bed and pillows, modeled in Marvelous Designer) and rendered with cycles at 2000 samples.
Some objects are Photogrammetry based (The cat on the table :sweat_smile:, the clothes in the bedroom) and then tweaked and retopologized to work better for rendering.
For every shot i tweaked a bit exposure and gamma trying to undestrand how to light it like if i was using a camera. Also i used the Filmic Manangement, correcting values thanks to false color for every shot.
Lot of textures used are from Poliigon
Some awesome models are from Imeshh (leather chair, Glass Bulbs), other from Chocofur, others from architecture academy, but the scene is mostly modeled by me
Minor Post Processing was in Photoshop

Rendered on Threadripper 1950x. 2000 samples for every image with path tracing. Times for each render are from 1h:40min to 2hrs. (rendered only in cpu to test power of processor in stress mode)

If you have any questions about scene realizations or whatever feel free to ask as i want to improve myself a lot in archviz style!

Hope you like it

I will upload better quality images on My artstation :slight_smile:


(pitibonom) #2

how much is the fee ?
i wanna live there :stuck_out_tongue:

beautifull work ^^



Looks like a nice place to live for a time.


(dbalex) #4

Nice one! Very photoreal, congratz!

small critic, there is something off with your brick material, I don’t really know what but it seems a bit too much displaced and the texture itself is maybe a bit too low-res?


(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


(daddario90) #6

Thank you so much Bart.
It means a lot for me :slight_smile: