Industrial Loft corner (Series 2)

(enricoceric) #1


Here is the second series of the Industrial Loft Corner Scene.
The whole set of images could be seen here :

First series :

Technical aspects :

Modeling : Blender and Marvelous Designer 3
Rendering : Octane 2.16 standalone Path Tracing kernel
Lighting : Sun + HDR
Rendering time : From 1h to 1h45 depending on the image size (1500x1800 or 2560x1200)
Postproduction : Gimp, mainly to fix lighting and contrast.


(ShadowCamero) #2

Wow, stunning job! I hope to be this good someday. :slight_smile:

(Itza) #3

Wonderfull, very impressive! :yes:

(-guido-) #4

Stunning as usual, I love all your work, this one in particular really reminds me the Bertrand Benoit style.
Every your post makes me want to learn Octane.

(enricoceric) #5

Thanks for viewing and commenting.

(Niloofar) #6

Very beautiful modeling, nice texturing and good lighting. I specially love those 2 cups :wink:

(teaLeaf) #7

Gorgeous renders!
Would you mind letting us know where you get your inspiration from?

(randomperson42) #8

These are fantastic!