Industrial Robot

Industrial robot KUKA KR-30. Model is not completely accurate and topology is not very clean, but i’m still happy with it. Critique and comments are welcomed as always.

Wow great work

Great Work. Can we see the wireframe?

@marcoso, JoniMercado Thanks. Glad you like it.

My computer couldn’t handle rendering wireframe of the whole model so here are just some parts that were the most challenging.

Great work, but one thing. In my opinion is too much that blurry aberration effect on the sides of image, because it covers that great detail of your model.

That’s pretty cool.

Nice hard surface modelling and shading. Quite inspiring for anyone interested in such modelling and shading kind…

@Geo-Logical, Fatesailor Thank you.

Thanks. Yes i was thinking about this as well but decided to leave aberration because for showing off model details there is a clay render and this one suppose to show more of the forms, colors, materials and overall feeling. And i thought that this aberration would create a little “photo-like” effect, add more detail to the whole render even if it hides model details. Hope that makes sense.