Industrial Semi-Futuristic Train [Updates. p.2.]

My most recent, originally inspired by something on cgtalk.

I kind of did this without planning, and I’m considering taking the things I don’t like and refining them by doing it again from the ground up, with sketches, planning, etc.
So I guess this could be considered ‘getting into the mood’ for the masterpiece;)

I’d really like criticism for this one so I can use it later on.


I love the train, the puddles on the ground are terrible tho, you might need to fix them, they look weird

Incredible work, nice detail and texturing.

Mind you it’s a tad on the small image side though.

exellent colors and tone…

Looks awsome, but the background and any sense of immersion is lacking. Maybe it could do with being a bit larger?

watchthis: True that. They are indeed weird. Thanks.
Cyborg Dragon: Thanks, I know you’re a fan of textures;).
ne_mo: Thank you :slight_smile:
TheANIMAL: Hm, yes, maybe a gritty old sooty brick texture thing on the back wall would be good. Will implement.

Maybe this could be moved to WIP, after all if I’m going to be starting again from the ground up it would be nice to have feedback along the way.

So, mods, if you happen to read that and move it to WIP, thanks eh. :wink:

EDIT: Oh yes, and I thought I’d mention that the steam/smoke was blender and not photoshop ;). PS was pretty much just for postprocessing (although that was done in the nodes as well).

I think I saw the image you based it on, you’ve done well! It could do with looking a bit smoother though next time round, maybe a little more fog on the ground for atmosphere too?

Looks great, but maybe it might look better if you added some more details, like trash or junk on the ground, or something else.

The surroundings could’ve used more detailing, but the train itself is hawt. good job :slight_smile:

ben: Indeed I’ve made the main body smoother (starting the model again), but I’m using the same details from the first model. The only problem with ground fog is the halos intersecting with the mesh, causing nasty lines :no:
Photoguy: Yes, I’ll definitely do a lot of modeling work on the setting next time. Lost of pipes and wires and ductwork etc. :cool:
Borgleader: Thanks, and see above about surroundings.

The revised train in progress. I’m using many of the same details, but now paying more attention to scale.

For now, don’t mind the wires intersecting with the body of the train.

Wow, that is an extremely large train.

Yes. Hence the word industrial.:wink:

A closeup:

Very nice…

o.O it’s even gonna be harder to tell the scale of the train if you dont up the pic size. how about putting in some small people to better represent the scale

very nice though

The modeling is good. However, the image looks a bit “flat” and does not convey a sense of depth or proportions… I think you should remove the foreground (grass and puddles) and replace it with something less distracting. It takes too much of the viewer’s attention away from the main subject.

Other than that I like the ambience of the piece.

I highly dig the revised train! I’m excited to see how it looks in the finished composition.

(I had the original image from CGtalk as my wallpaper for a few days. HIGHLY rad stuff!)

Hundred: Thanks. Awaiting critiques :stuck_out_tongue:

pwnage101:Yyeah, but I think I mmight do to the people in photoshop afterwards…

JohnV1960: Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Ambience is really what I’m going for here, mainly, so I’m glad that’s working. I don’t really know what to put in the foreground.

Mrdodobird: Thanks! Yeah, I can look at that cgtalk image like every day and not get tired of it…

Edit: Oh yeah, small update, I forgot.

If you’re looking for the grungy industrial look perhaps add tangles of power and steam conduits on the outside and lights. This could look good with lots of detail.

When showing a preview of an object with curvy surfaces its easier to see if you have some kind of lighting other than AO even if its just one hemi lamp because you cant tell shape that easily with just AO.