Industrial style hangar/hall

Well, I guess this is “hi”.
I’ve been browsing this forum for some time now, finding inspiration, beautiful projects and great models all over the place. I recentrly embarked on (yet another) project, and am quite curious about any and all comments you have to offer.

The general idea is that of an old building, built from old (stained) concrete segments, with rusty ol’ H-bars and supports all over the place. I mainly want to give it quite a grim mood.
I may be modeling a concert stage in it later on, because I think it should make one hell of a venue.

The model has a hideous amount of vertices (over 668k if I read Blender correctly), mainly on account of the roof and the nailheads(those domish things on top of the H-bars). There is very few actual objects in there, most of it is mirror/array modifiers.

Rendering has been done in Yafaray, using the Direct Lighting method (lighter image). I’m trying to get the hang of the Pathtracing method now (darker image) but the lighs seem to low.

I apologise for the amount of text :wink: I tend to write too much I’m afraid.
Any and all comments are welcome!
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I’ve been experimenting some more, and decided to skip the whole pathtracing thing… it takes hours to render a too dark scen =.="

Oh, well. Here’s my first test with textures (also my first serious texturing experience in Blender & homemade texture on the beams)
I have to fix some materials but I’m getting along nicely now.


Nice scene mate. as for textrues, the metal rusty one has those white spots…so yeah…i am sure you are fixing that though…

I think that if you use the pathtracing method but also made the hanging lamps (I think that is what they are and if not they should be) give off light you would have a very cool scene.

First, thanks for the replies.

Those things hanging in there are indeed lamps, but I haven’t been able to light them successfully. The best (or at least the best example of what happens) I could do with pathtracing+meshlights is the image below: white specks end up everywhere and the image is still too dark. If you have any suggestions, I’m ready to test them!

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OK, after some hours of rendering, testing, rendering, testing,… etc., you got the point, I came up with this. A volumetric thingy in the lamps wich I am very fond about, but it’s hard to get rid of all the noise… I guess the best answer to that is more AA passes.

Still too dark though, but that’s not surprising seeing the size of the hangar (30x60 BU) compared to the 1x1 of the lamps :wink:

What do you guys think? more lamps or ceiling windows?


well !

beam’s are not looking naturel not certain why !
may be too redish or too much reflection
rust is not shiny
may be add some grey on beam

for the lamp you could try in 2.5 some indirect lighting with approximate method
that should work ok

but definitibely need a lot more lamps
and again what would be the dimension for this room height
might need to use larger fixture like 250 or 400 Watss MH or SHP industriel type fixture

i did some model for theses industriel fixtures type if you want i can show some if you need too!

you could add a few things inside to give an idea of the dimensions may be

keep up the good work
happy 2.5