Industrial Vanity

Here is my recent personal project.

Software used:
Modelling: Google Sketchup 8
Rendering: Blender 2.78c + Cycles (with Build version including Denoiser, Filmic Color, and Principled BSDF Shader)
Post production: Affinity Photo (for Color Correction) and GIMP (for Chromatic Abberation)

Rendering time : 3,5 hours on my GTX950M

Hi-res image:

Hope u like it!


Excellent render. That wall texture is convincingly realistic. Well done. Would like to eventually get to this stage with my renders :slight_smile:

beautiful work.materials look of top archviz renders from cycles.

I’d keep the second render – the one with the “camera on a tripod” in it (brilliant…).

And, I’d pull the curtains on that window so that it isn’t blasting that brick wall on the right side quite so much. Also, what about colors for some of the lighting? How about a nice tile pattern on the floor, partly so that it isn’t quite so bright.

Are you just starting to use Cycles (if you are, it just shows just how much lower its learning curve has gotten with the new stuff in the 2.79 test build)?

The main thing missing, I would think is a real displacement map for the bricks (ie. using the experimental microdisplacement feature to bring them real depth), though that may not be real doable with a mobile class GTX950 (VRAM limits).

Much of the image looks really nice otherwise (save for some obvious texture repeats on the floor).

Lovely work. I really like the plants - always so hard to get right! And the bricks are looking great.

if you look closely, the first render too has the “camera tripod” :smiley:

Nice work, the rendering is awesome.:stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you made this, I was thinking about doing this.

Thank u, your bedroom render is awesome too :slight_smile:

Hey how did you export the models from sketch up? Whenever I try to import any model of any software (I´ve tried .dwg, .stl and .obj) to blender I get this really weird geometry wich makes a proper uv unwrap impossible. Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

And also, great renders, hope one day make something closer to that.

Thanks, friend!

Thanks @sundialsvc! first render has the camera tripod too if you look closely :wink:

whoa, I never throught about adding curtain on that window, thanks for your suggestion, that’s really nice idea.
about lighting I’ve used HDR form Pro lighting Skies and about texture I got form thanks friend! :slight_smile:

Thanks @m.ardito :slight_smile:

thanks @smilebags. thants plants from 3dsky. just import .obj format to blender and need some improvement for shader node.

Thanks @m.ardito :wink:

Thanks @eartdesign !

Thanks for commenting @mau_tacos :slight_smile:
I didn’t export from sketchup, I using Sketchup Importer you can download from this forum (