I finally completed an on and off project that has been going on for a few months! The final result turned out to be quite different than what I envisioned when I drew it out at the beginning, but I’m glad with it nevertheless. This is my first serious sculpting effort, and I hope to further improve in this area in the future.

Check out some progress shots here:


You did a fantastic job on the clothes, saw your WIP a few days ago, been wanting to get to the cloth sculpting myself for a while now…


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Great and imaginative work!

In a vague way, it almost reminds me of a sort of futuristic Daft Punk (EDM) duo, but maybe from the 22nd Century :smiley:

Nice work on the details, composition, and palette choices.

I hope people take the time to see this at full resolution to appreciate all the details there.

Hoping to see more works from you in the future!

Take care.



awesome! I really like the idea

Beautiful in an unsettling way! Top notch.

Any tips on how to sculpt those folds?

Thank you everyone! Robert, I was actually just reading about your work before I made this post, and I’d never have thought that I’d get a comment from you, so that probably marks my greatest achievement so far on this forum. :open_mouth:

For tips on the folds, I’ll just copy what I wrote in another thread:

I’m not sure if I’m in a position to give advice, but I started off by finding a reference photo that’s the closest to the pose I want. I started off with a really simple box mesh and then molded it a bit to fit the pose with dyntopo. After that I retopologized the mesh with the shrink wrap modifier and the snap-to-face function in the viewport. Then I just spent hours trying to put in the creases. Since I have good reference photos to look at, I don’t really need to imagine creases out of nowhere. I noticed myself that the crease brush is actually not that good for my purposes; most of the time I just used the draw and smooth brushes, sometimes with the pinch brush thrown in.


You’re #featured, enjoy! :slight_smile:


this is AWESOME dude! congratulation!

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For me, it’s such a wonderful thing, thanks to this forum, to be able to acknowledge and commend a fellow artist and to witness the artistic greatness of others.

This forum, and others like it, help to remind us what inexhaustible and infinitely intepretable medium we are blessed to participate in and to share in such amazement of what can be done with it :slight_smile:

And I’m so glad you achieved the Featured Row!

Well deserved, and just one of many successes to come, I’m sure!

Take care.



Really nice work, I love it.

Totally, and give them keyboard for those fingers :wink: i would like to hear that 22nd century Daft Punk

it’s perfect. i love the stillness feeling of it, how it just IS there.
great work on sculpting the clothes, works.


yo nice models bro, could i use those for an animation, i will give you full credit