Infinite Ammo | A Low Poly Fast Action FPS

(Nicholas_A) #1

I plan for it to be a first person shooter that requires a lot of quick reaction. Using the low poly style, Hopefully I can get it to look somewhat decent.

(Whitehead69) #2

Great work, when is the next fps group coming up?

(APilch) #3

Haha, I like the way he just falls apart. Mowing down swarms of enemies like this would be really fun! What if their head or torso blocks sometimes turned into an ammo pickup or a powerup when they dropped? And melee weapons… heck yeah! :smiley:

(Nicholas_A) #4

The enemies were supposed to be ragdolls but when I have them remove parent from the motion cube, it removes their constraints too so the ragdoll just falls apart. But I guess it’s ok. I can have them drop some items too.

(Nicholas_A) #5

Are you the Whitehead from slack?

(CG Sky) #6

Looking forward to this when the fast paste gameplay action is implemented :smiley:

(Thatimster) #7

You can rebuild the constraints with python after spawning in all the pieces, but the current effect works just as well.

(BluePrintRandom) #8

Have the ragdoll made on another layer and on death spawn it in, and move the ragdoll bones to match the actor bones, usually I spawn in the rig invisible, match shape, delete original and then next frame turn visible

Edit : or spawn the ragdoll not bone parented and parent on frame zero

Parented objects that are rigid body or dynamic I think are converted to static on pressing P / rigif body joint constraints get splashed

(Nicholas_A) #9

Update 2:

(Whitehead69) #10

Yeah, you should get on

(Nicholas_A) #11

New Level: a power plant.

(haidme) #12

Looks a lot of fun!

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #13

nice level, looks like a promising project… :slight_smile:

(Nicholas_A) #14

Update #3:

(rubeki) #15

Interesting! It’s coming along :slight_smile:

(APilch) #16

Awesome! I like that you can grenade/rocket jump :slight_smile: That was always one of the best mechanics in Halo for me. The amount of health the enemies have looks great and the weapon switching looks smooooth. The rocket launcher definitely seems overpowered as it is, unless the ammo for it is very limited. Nice progress!

(blenderjunkie) #17

Looks great!

(APilch) #18

An acquaintance on CgTrader uploaded this free set of low poly guns and a knife. It may be useful for your project, and no one else has downloaded them yet. Adam127 has some other free low poly assets that might work well in infinite ammo too.

(Nicholas_A) #19

Thanks. Ill check them out sometime.