Infinite Cheated Mirror Cube (for practice purposes, file included)

This is for practicing shader math only: mirror cube.blend (867.8 KB)

I couldn’t find any relation between the numbers of the original mirror cube (edit: I found the solution):

  • X 9:19:29
  • Y 13:19:25
  • Z 17:19:21

So I cheated it:

  • X 1:2:3
  • Y 2:3:4
  • Z 8:9:10

This is infinite:

The displacement work best with the experimental feature “adaptive subdivision” of the subdivision modifier. Though I can’t get rid of these fragments:

And some random marks:

Simon Thommes helped me with the math.
Also a math reference:

Updated file with a fix for bevel: mirror cube.blend (867.8 KB)

I also calculated the math for the standard mirror cube:

The cheated one btw: