Infinite grid moving forward

Hi blender folks!
I just joined the forums since I’m looking at using BGE as a prototype tool for my game. My game is like a space shooter, the camera is pointed at the ship, and the ship and camera will constantly be moving forward with enemies approaching.

What I want is a square grid to use as a floor. The background is black with the grid in glow-y green. It has to be infinite since the player will always be moving forward. What is the best way to approach drawing this in the BGE? A plane with a material? Using Python to draw lines at specific points? Any help from the Blender Masters on the best way to approach this would be really appreciated.

I’m a programmer, not really an artist, and despite being new to Blender, I am certainly not new to Python, so don’t feel bad laying on the code!

Thanks so much!


If I got you right, however your grid looks, it might be best to use a material with texture of the grid on a plane/square and then parent the plane/square to your player object. Thatway you dont need a infinite grid, it will move with the player.

Hope I got it right.

Thanks for the reply. So you’re saying to create a texture with the grid pattern on it and then apply that to a plane or cube? I was considering this option too, just didn’t know what would be easiest. This makes sense because I would like the lines to ‘glow’ and I’m pretty sure I can do that with the texture. Sorry, I’m more of a programmer than an artist so a lot of this is new to me.


No problem, good luck with your game!