Infinite Ocean

I worked on an infinite ocean for an upcoming project, here is the result.

Rendered in Cycles using a GTX 960 with 2GB of vram, around 1 minute 6 seconds per frame.

More info please! Can you share how you’ve accomplished this?

Here is the file, still working on it.

An update, changed pretty much everything in this one!

Looks really good… thank you!

1 minute render time per frame? omg how? amazing.

btw i sended a request access to file. i want to check it pls

Like I said, I rendered it on a GTX 960 with 2 GB of vram, and the file is freely available from Mediafire, no need for a request as it is already been downloaded several times.

Very Realistic.

Thanks Mate, the latest is even more so, the Ocean modifier is quite adequate, I was surprised at first, especially coming from a free software,Blender rock so much.

Ok, the link I posted previously was locked for some reason, I’ve unlocked it so it should work now, sorry for the confusion.

thank you. and thank you even more for posting the blend.
very interesting approach and awesome results.

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