Infinite Road

I hope you guys like this humble work.

Rendered in Cycles
Samples: 1000


Nice, the grass is a bit too thin to be photo-realistic in my opinion, but it gives it a nice, dreamy, happy feeling.

It would’ve been nice to see the road go a bit further into the background.

I like the overall look of the image, but the foreground seems to end a bit too early to get the feel of an ‘infinite road’.

The road itself and the bench look well done though, the grass also gives a happy vibe to the image.

That is such a beautiful, lonely place. I think that the sun flare could be improved a little bit, but good job overall!

Think ur grass need children.

Great one! :smiley:

Couldn’t make it look more realistic. I’ll try harder in my next nature scene.
@Ace Dragon
You’re right, I looked at the image and felt something was off.
Thank you :slight_smile:
There are children actually, I used 20k grass blades with children.
Thanks :wink: