Infinity Life

Game idea rundown:

Player starts with 3 scout pods and 1 main ship.
send scouts in different directions to locate planets to put them on the map.
Once scouts find an undiscovered planet, they land and transmit data about it to the map.
used scouts do not return to the player.

Land on a planet will seed life and collect resources if there are enough seeds and space for resources on-board.

planet resources can buy you new scouts, fuel, oxygen, armor, shields, seeds, auto-pilot, weapons.
seeds take time to grow on-board.
100% life renews resources over time.
oxygen and fuel on-board depletes over time.
oxygen gets renewed on planets with over 50% life, or can be bought with resources.

planets can get bombarded with asteroids which diminishes life.
planets can be visited by aliens which destroys all life and takes resources.

planets can be defended with shields, turrets.
shields and turrets can be bought with resources.

other things planets can have are fuel reserves, fuel generators, resource reserves.

auto-pilot will use your ship or “Transport Scout” to ship resources/fuel between planets.

“Transport Scout”: specialty ships which autonomously visit planets and seeds life and collects resources for you.
“Defender Scout”: specialty ships which orbit specified planets to defend them.


So it’s about colonizing planets and then protecting them? Like a space gardener? :smiley: I like it!

New upgrade: warp drive. Allows the player to teleport to visited planets.

nice! keep @it

@Nicholas_A i know that yr goina kill this Game, this is a freaking AWESOME Game bro and so i see you took my advise to heart thks buddy. (I’ll support this project Fully)

Latest download if anybody wants to try it out. Controls are w, s, a, d. scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the map. Click the map to expand it. Click a marker to show planet information and ETA.

I still need to format the planet info when you click a marker though.

Another pic

I changed the style up a bit.
I also made a Discord server for progress of the game:

hey nicholas - that rotation mechanic when you’re near a planet is really satisfying :).
game looks great so far - look forward to seeing updates



I renamed the game to Infinity Life and I made a new video. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I played your videogame looks good.could you add more gameplay mechanics?

I’m still working on it.

New screenshot


Am rooting for the 2nd Game bud, Lets Make it happen! :grinning:
Hopefully if all goes well.
References: For (infinity Life 2 - An UpBGE Game!)


yay could be very promising

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