Inflate an icon

Hi, it would be nice to know how to inflate a flat icon (bird) like this


It is inflated only on one side. Thanks.

If i understand you right you want more shading on the bird so it appear rounder?
That task is not a blender job. You could do it but instead of 15m doing it in a paint program,
you would spend much more time with modelling the bird, setting the lights and tweaking the results.


I am trying to understand how to inflate the bird only on one side. Because we can inflate two sides like we make a pillow. Thanks.

Here is an tutorial for shading with gimp:

Inflate both sides like a pillow with cloth simulation and internal pressure. Apply the cloth simulation. Add a Boolean modifier- use a cube to flatten one side. Apply the Boolean modifier, delete the cube.


After that, I’d personally bake a detail map for the wrinkles and then remesh it, but that’s optional. It’ll just speed up your viewport quite a bit

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You can trace the outline and inflate using this technique show by Thomas


Never seen this technique before.