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Hello there,

I’ve been trying to do the following tutorial:

Now I have to use the VertexWeightMix modifier. This is supposed to prevent the ‘cable connecting thing’ from collapsing. I’ve done exactly what the guy in the video says I should do, but it keeps collapsing! Could someone please help me?

Here is my file: Intro balloon 1.blend (190 KB)

Thank you in advance!


Does anyone know? :o

To start with your polygon normals are flipped, turn on backface culling and you will see more easily. Then I don’t think the problem is with your use of min max modifier, I couldn’t get stiffness from a vertex group to have any effect whatsoever so unless you get that resolved the complicated setup you currently have isn’t going to work. This also probably is the wrong section for the question as cloth is a physics sim not rigging,

Thank you for your answer! I’m still very new with Blender, so unfortunately I still have to learn a lot. I didn’t know about Backface Culling. I turned it on and I can see much better now. Thank you!

I will post my question in the other section. Hopefully someone knows what I did wrong!

oh I meant to say, you should try to simplify the scene as much as possible while troubleshooting a problem like this, for example remove the letters apart from P, remove sub-d modifier to get faster simulation so you can try things quicker. Then reduce the scene to the very core and try to work out what’s going on

Oh! I did not understand that. Sorry! Yes, that seems like a good solution. I will try that and hopefully I will find what I did wrong! Thanks again for answering my question :slight_smile: