Influence and Bone Constraints

Good Evening!

In Pose Mode - if I have one bone with a ‘Child of’ constraint to another. Why, when I move the ‘parent’ bone in an animation and the lower the influence of the ‘Child of’ constraint, does the bone with the ‘Child of’ constraint move back to it’s original unposed location?

How can I get it to just stay where it was, but just stop the effect of the ‘Child of’ constraint?

The context of this is that I have a weapon reload animation and during the animation the magazine clip has a ‘Child of’ constraint to the actual weapon so it moves with the weapon. During the animation, the magazine clip needs to be pulled out so I want to turn of the constraint and animate it separately, but whenever I turn of the constraint (influence = 0.000), it just goes back to it’s original unposed location.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I take it your weapon also has a Child-of constraint so it stays with your character?

How about setting up the same thing on your magazine as a SECOND Child-of constraint. Then animate between the two. When one has 100% influence, the other has zero.

Child of constraints:

  • character
    • magazine (1)
      - magazine (2)

Thanks rontarrant! Yes, your idea helped me a lot and I’ve now got a second ‘Child Of’ constraint to the other hand. I had to fiddle around a little but I got everything looking ok so far. Thanks so much!

Morning Hadriscus! Thank you so much for the link, I think visual keyframes are gonna help me out so much! I was fudging it with normal keyframes and everything was looking good - but then something broke fantastically (not actually with that animation, but the constraints messed up my other animations in the same file - at least when I imported into Unity, they were actually fine in Blender).

So, now I’m gonna go back and use visuals to redo it and hopefully everything will work out fine.

One note, I think the option Offset has been removed from Blender 2.70 - do you know anything about that? Thanks again!