Info needed for Peugeot Design Contest article

As we are covering cars for issue # 8 of Blenderart Magazine, it was suggested by a reader, that an article on the Peugeot Design contest would be fitting. And since we aim to please, I’m going to give it a try if I can get enough information.

The article would cover not only this year’s contest, but also the past ones, to get some idea of how the Blender projects were started and completed. Also how changes and additions to blender have helped with your entries.

So I am requesting any and all contestants who have entered the contest this year or in past years to contact me ([email protected]) with your story [put Peugeot in subject line].

Some things to include:

  • Your name, age, where you live
  • What encouraged you to enter the contest
  • What inspired your design
  • What if any problems did you encounter while completing your model
  • What did you learn/gain from this experience
  • And of course, an image of your entry.