InGame Animation Help

I want my character to push against something. I animated the arms and part of the spine and head into a push pose without touching the legs. I have my character already walking. I used a near sensor to make the arm move into position except the legs freeze when this happens…

the blend file is at the link above…

This happens, because you play two actions at the same time.

You can do this but the actions should not share any channel.

An alternative way is to use two different animation layers. I never used this. So I can’t provide any help with animation layers.

The problem ist that the Ogyam_push_against the Ogyam_Jog uses the same channel (D_UpArm.R.L, D_LowArm.L, …).
The easiest way to solve this problem is to mix both animations. In Blender 2.6x you have 8 layers to mix animations.
In your file you have to change the layer to 1 by the “Action1” actuator.

More Info ? I’m having the same issue too.

thanks so much, this has been dragging me back a long while…
I’ve been playing with the action layers for a while now, Ighazali, let’s say you have two animations A and B. A being the ‘default’ B being the anim you want to add to it

Say you put A at a layer of 0, then B should at a higher layer say 1…
the layer weight of B would determine how much of B is added to A, 0.0 will add the entire anim, anything else is kind of funky, 0.9 will barely add anything to A.

that explains it. tnx @blendeing2gether. will try it