Ingram M10

I don’t normally model guns (and I don’t know much about them), but I wanted to expand the portfolio, and try out a couple things modeling and surfacing wise. I didn’t bother making a low rez model, though it’s not too far off from being ready to go in a game engine. The Ingram M10 is a pretty simple device in terms of operation, materials and construction. All stamped steel and some welds, and not that many machined parts. I was pretty happy with how I got the welds in, and some other height based wear and stampings. Blender for modeling, and Substance Painter for texturing (and a bit of substance designer to get a couple custom alphas and grunge). Rendered in Cycles. Love to hear any feedback, and some mode images on my artstation blog.


Overall great work (not judging with game-dev in mind). The only things that I’d nitpick would be wearing the trigger and button for expanding stock so it would match real usage - personally - I’d give them a little less roughness.
I doubt I’ll able to do such a good job of texturing without Substance.

Very good! I especially like the metal texture you’ve come up with - that and the wear come across very realistic. :+1:
How did you do the welds? Is it the add-on or hand modeled.