Inkscape transparent background did't work in blender VSE

I open a new file in inkscape, set background color to transparent, which is the default setting in inkscape, then use “export Bitmap” to saved a png file.

In Blender VSE, “add image”, chose the png, but the background become white, no transparent.

I use gimp to open the png file, looks like a normal transparent picture, even use blender file manager to preview the file, it looks like normal transparent png, but only in VSE, it’s white color background.

Does anyone have the same problem?:confused:

inkscape 0.47, 0.482
blender 2.62 64bit
Ubuntu10.04 64bit

the attachment is the png I create in inkscape.


What blend type does the strip have in the timeline? Is it alpha over?

Yes, I set the blend type of the png file in timeline is “alpha over”, it’s still a white background. And I use gimp to create a transparent-background picture, it is normal in VSE.

It seems that Blender is not interpreting the pre-multiply properly. Perhaps it is a bug? I can’t remember where to turn that on in VSE properties sorry.

I try to report a bug

ok, I found the"pre-multiply" option in strip properties. Thanks.