Innocence is dying first!
The intention of the work is pretty much clear I think :
There are lots of wars arround the world, for several resons.
Who are suffering most are the innocent, like children (and might they even be 18 years old and carring a gun…).
Modeled and rendered in Blender 2.44. Postproduction in GIMP and Photoshop.
All critics and comments are welcome!

Is that Mr Bean’s teddy-bear ?

ooooooo thats creepy
the blood looks too bright - it should be darker
4 *s

The intention of the work is pretty much clear I think :

chavez_3D, why don’t you take that M16 and beat us over the head with your intention until we are just as bloody as the kid under the blanket?

Are we supposed to believe that the GI killed the kid, took a handy piece of sidewalk chalk out of his pocket and marked the sidewalk with the homily, then covered the kid in a clean white tablecloth and stood there watching while the blood soaked into the cloth and ran down into the gutter?

A little heavy handed, don’t you think? What ever happened to nuance, to subtlety?

I think you have the idea for a very strong image, but this isn’t it.

Yeah, obviously shock factor was the focus here(and it’s barely holding up). Visualy its iffy at best, conceptually its fine, but the execution is absolutely horrible.

Ruthlessly slaughtered children dont make good CG art, sorry.

And, FYI, with the shadow of a soldier in the image, you could almost count this as political, which is a very touchy art form, and is banned on this forum.

Yes, there is shocking factor indeed.
My aim was not photorealism but symbolism, but I agree, that it is not subtle.
The barrel is similar to a M16, but this does not mean it must be a GI, lot of armies in the world use this rifle.

This is a possible interpretation, but there are a lots of others…
The picture is not political in the sense, that it support a country, political party or ideology.
But as in arts always, as I will call it art anyway, there is a political part inside of it.

Okay, Im saying that teh symbolism is no longer symbolic when you point blank have a dead victim to show that the innocent are dying(which is exactly how it comes across). All the msytery, thought, personal interpretation, etc is lost when confronted with such a blunt image.

So you’re left with simply the shock factor, which comes off as immature, and not well thought out(somebody back me up, or shoot me down as you see fit).

Peace out man

I’ll back you up. The picture might have been good, but it was kludged up by the fact that it apparently had to have every detail or possible point pasted up in giant, eighty-foot-high, glowing pink letters.

bing bing bing

I would like to give you props on the cloth specifically, its quite well done(softbody or otherwise)

Cloth is made of softbody, but afterwards modeled.

but the execution is absolutely horrible.

what is this crazy ‘execution’ thing you keep talking about!? If it’s the way things were modelled, that wouldnt be something someone else would be able to judge because obviously almost all of the work on this forum hasnt been recorded while being created, including this one.

If it’s symbolism, then you don’t get to use the out that “lot of armies use this rifle.” Symbolically, there are M16s and AK47s. They have distinctive profiles, shadows, and symbolic meaning. Be honest.

free_ality says it comes across as immature, and he’s right. I don’t agree on the political part, sure, it’s political, but much art is. Think of Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms, or Socialist Realism, or the parody of Socialist Realism in Michael Moore’s Latest film, “Sicko.”

I think we have a ban on pointless political discussion, not political art. I may be wrong.

So, this is finished projects, but we have a tradition of treating “finished” work as if it were in Focused Critique instead, especially if the OP says something like

So. I’ll start the ball rolling: Figure out some way to get your point across without chalking it on the sidewalk.

Jeepsyman: ha, execution is the way you visually create an idea/concept. Its really one of the most important parts of the creative process. It can take a great idea/concept, and see it thru to a visual that can connect with everyone, delight the eye, perplex the mind, sugarcoat the truth, evoke emotion…anything.

It(of course) applies to all art, and nearly all situations in life. In this case(to sum it up), its how you display/convey an idea or concept.

@Orinoco: Yeah, I have no problem with political art, it can be absolutely amazing, and very powerful, I was just commenting on the political presence in the image, which can be controversial(hence its being banned on these forums, as far as I know. Perhaps Im wrong).

o_O um ok thx for the explaniation
:spin: <-- dizzy guy is awesome

It’s not the way the image was produced. In this case it means the ‘execution’ of the idea behind the image, that killing innocent children is a horrible thing. The execution includes the elements chosen to express that idea, from the bloody tablecloth, to the handy grated drain for the blood to trickle into the sewer, to the cartoon flower growing out of the crack between the sidewalk and the building wall, to the M16 rifle shadow and the American cigarette butts lying in the street.

It also includes the composition of these elements into an image that tells a story. I told one possible story (or interpretation) in my first post. chavez_3D says there are other possible interpretations, and of course he is right, but that is not because it is open to interpretation, that simply reflects more inadequate execution of the idea: well done, only the artist’s intended interpretation would be reasonable.

Wow, some peoples toes have been thread upon.
Aight to start with, indeed you overdo the message but its not as blatant as with the frogs in space from enricoceric from some time back. It fits in more with the total picture so no real problem.
About the shadow, I personally didn’t think of “oh my god an american GI killed a kid”, it was more like a soldier killed a kid. But indeed it’s a american GI…
About the cigarettes being american? Orinoco you must have one sharp vision to see that, I only see cigarette pugs.

Lets also read what chavez wrote, about the 18 year olds, nothing is more true that generations of children and adolescents are getting screwed up by to horrors of war.

I really like the materials you used for your pavement and road.

but indeed as free_ality states below, it’s all to the viewer


I actually didnt see that piece of Enrico’s…not a fan(I did like the one with the lightbulbs)

I was just making my opinion known(he asked)…but whatever, its all up to the viewer

at first, i am just a consumer, not an animation-artist - i read this thread and want to point out my own opinion in this case.
for me, this pic is open to different possibilities in interpretation. (uh- its heard to express myself in english- if i am german native-speaker)
at first, i also think, that the blood could be a bit darker, but i am not so shure if this project is about super-realistic graphic…
what i would read out of this pic is, that this cruel situation has more than one victim…
when i look at it, there is not just one questionmark - lots of questions come up.
like, who is this soldier? is he the murderer, or did he just pass by? what does this person feel now? where could this situation have happened (if i think there are about 37 war-conflicts going on in the world)?
@orinoco - how do you know, it is an american cigarette-butt?

like we all know, war is always horrible- not just for the “classic” victims, but also for the soldiers who had to kill other human beings. they also loose there innocence.
i think this is a very strong image of cruelty of war. and there is a very emotional aspect- as u see in the discussion above- think this might have been the artists intention… to bring out discussion even if its controversial…
good work - critical and strong -

its not my part to judge the technical aspects ; )

For me it does not implicate, that the soldier has killed the child (nor that he is American), but the interpretation is open to the viewer…

Of course not. Taking a step back, you have at least created the discussion over your image, so you could say that it was succesful to some extent…

But visually, It could be much better. AsS was mentioned, the blood needs work, and the pipe in the back doesnt really fit.