Input problems after exporting as a runtime

I’m on Mac OS 10.6 and after I export a game, there are always problems with input (both keyboard and mouse). Basically, sometimes the engine simply ignores the input or thinks that I’m holding a button down even though I’m not.

This happens on bigger resolutions more often (sometimes at 800 x 600, often on fullscreen, very rarely on 640 x 420 etc). This started happening after a certain blender release (not sure which, I think 2.6something), because my old exported games work just fine but as I export these same old games in the new blender, the problem occurs.

It’s been the same on two computers (both 10.6 tho)

I would like to report that I also have had this issue before when I made the second demo for Valchion. I noticed something about ghost events or something to that effect in the console before, but I can’t recall now (and it’s not my Mac for me to mess around on). Hopefully someone who knows more about this can help / it can get bug-fixed soon.

@Max - Since nobody’s posted since yesterdy, I think that not a lot of people have found this problem. I think it would be greatly appreciated (by me, at least) if you could make a small blend file that shows the issue, and post it to a bug tracker.

This is interesting. I unchecked ''Desktop resolution" and problem solved.

@MaxSamarin - WHAT. Really? Hmm… That’s both unfortunate, because it sounds like a somewhat silly bug, but fortunate, since there’s a workaround. I’ll factor that into my games immediately. Thanks very much for the help! I would still heavily recommend that you submit a bug report so that this doesn’t get forgotten.

EDIT: But I think I’ve gotten the problem before without full-screen or desktop full-screen mode enabled…

The problem actually occurred again when I played WINDOWED, with the Desktop off. Yeah, I’ll have this reported. But doesn’t occur in fullscreen anymore… Re-exported my old games and they’re fine.

Sorry, totally wrong alarm, it just seemed so at the time. Just a matter of time. Happens always, regardless of fullscreen/windowed. I should test this on other machines.

EDIT: Not only does it sometimes think that a sensor is positive although it’s not, it also sometimes skips to read a positive sensor.

Yeah, it seemed to be the case when I tested my game out on Mac. I believe the joystick readings (via Python, at least) are completely untouched, so I think it has something to do with the keyboard input reading in the source code.

The same is with joystick buttons, except even before the export.

And the more stuff there is in the game, the more input problems.

I think I experienced the “more things in the game, more problems” issue when I noticed the input lagged when I played Valchion in a runtime on Mac, but not a simple demo. The joystick worked fine for me on Mac, though…? Maybe you could distill down a simple demo with a relatively complex scene to highlight the input lag if you need to for a bug report?

This is definitely a Mac problem as I’ve tested runtimes on Windows and no input problems.

I will play around a little more and make a demo