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I am teaching a Secondary School (High School) class on 3D modeling in Blender. It is a new class and to encourage students, our Dean of Students has indicated he would award House Points to the house of whoever had the “best” rendering (yes, our school is divided into houses and gets house points, just like in Harry Potter :grinning:). But the Dean insisted it be “unbiased” and neither I nor anyone associated with the school could determine the winner.

This was an introductory class in 3D modeling. The ask was to create an image with four items (book, pencil, soda can, and drinking container of their choice) that evoked/represented the house they were in. There are four houses - Lewis (Yellow), Edwards (Blue), Schaeffer (Green), and Luther (Red). I realize these are very much beginners, but I appreciate any inputs.

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I don’t see why not. It’s not against any forum rules, and creating a poll is easy:

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EDIT: *Potato :woozy_face: Can’t change it now.

But why not keep it in house and have the faculty vote on anonymous entries? Not the kids as they’ll figure out who did what, and then it’s a popularity contest. I’m guessing that’s what the Dean wants to avoid.

You should emphasize what the lecture was all about for the compo in question. You do say “modelling”, are we to vote on the modelling skills or the artistry of the work? If the task is “color scheme” and someone does a Lamborghini with colors all over the place, does he win over the student that made an apple in a room with total adherence to color scheming just because his model is more interesting but not adhering to the task?









Bump. Could I get a few more votes? It’s for the kids!