Inscape 0.48.5 released

The Inkscape team has just released v. 0.48.5, the next version will be 0.91:rolleyes:.
This version will fix a lot of outstanding bugs. In my tryout everything seems very snappy and if you have ever thought that Inkscape takes a while to open, put your seatbelt on before trying this one - I clocked it at 1.2 sec!

64 bit builds are slightly behind the official release but nothing noticeable. Get them here with the standard interface and theme (no offense to the custom themed 64 builders, but those are a bit unreadable!)

Inkscape is Free and Open Source and very useful in many ways for Blender users!

Very good news, thank you!

too bad still no real OSX build - just windowsX.

Does anyone know If the next version will support osx?

Inkscape updates: always a welcome sight.

I am still using 0.49 instead- it has “select same” command that lets you select all objects with the same color (and merge them after that if you are like me)

They sure are taking their time with that release. its been years now.

Yup, don’t know why that’s not in this release except it’s a ‘new’ feature (that’s been around for a very long time), not a bugfix I guess. Lol, I have five versions of Inkscape on hand, all with different features… kind of the way it goes… I don’t even know how many Blender versions I have lying around!!

Very nice news.

Yes, I was bragging on it at work but then realized I am not fluent enough in Mac to install and use the existing dmg. I will have to read more before I get that working.

Okay here’s the deal as best I can figure it - if you go to the Google plus page and download a dev build (e.g.13443) you can get 64 bit and all the extras (like select by) but if you get the official release you don’t. But the official release SEEMS to be optimized to open faster and be more responsive. is it my imagination? We’ll see…

osx exists

they moved its version ahead to 0.9 or something like that, but that is not reflected in the development buids.

I am using the ones from AUR on arch

Not sure if this was announced officially somewhere. Hope it doesnt take them another 3 years to get the development version stable enough to be the main version.
I sometimes wish they had a foundation and hired more people to work on it full time. it is the only open source vector app that is mature enough to be used professionally

I do love Inkscape. Every news is a positive sign that developpement is under way.
I use 0.91 test versions: you can add control points to extremas: very handy !

I will try that release nevertheless, thanks !

Do you know where the git is for 0.91?

On arch linux whatever I do with AUR I get 0.49 as a version number. I am guessing that the build script is outdated and it’s pulling old stuff

great news, I use inkscape all the time at work. It’s good enough but I would love to see faster work as well.

Maybe some kind of funding drive…

I am surprised that they were able to nail down that startup time, Inkscape feels a lot more responsive now.

I’ve been using Inkscape for a couple of years now and I like it a lot. I’ve been hoping that it would eventually turn into an alternative to Illustrator and it’s getting there. Adobe could care less about what Illustrator users want (IMO) and so the last few updates to that program have been minor and the new features they tout have been in other vector programs for years now. Still no live spell check, zoom to selected, alignment keyboard shortcuts, etc., etc. C’mon Inkscape dev team!!!

@blurymind: sorry, I can’t remember wher I’ve got it from. It can’t be something complicated though, maybe some link from the forum there.
Anyway, it presents itself as a 0.48+ dev version, not 0.91.

Zoom to selected is not a new feature but I don’t know its vintage… View menu/zoom/selection. Shortcut ‘3’ but that might just be me. (Also ‘4’ for zoom to all and ‘5’ for zoom to page. Some of the most used shortcuts for me!)

Live spellcheck would be nice if you do a lot of text in Inkscape I guess… The on demand ctrl-alt-K is there but it’s not ‘live’ of course. There are many other limitations that keep Inkscape from being an effective substitute for a word processor, though. Not sure if that’s a high priority.

Alignment shortcuts: Once again I can’t remember if these are standard or assigned by me… unlike Blender Inkscape does not have a safe and one-click ‘Load Factory Settings’ to find out easily.

Score : 2.75 out of 3? :smiley:

As always, drop by the Inkscape forum to get much more high powered help than I can offer…

Some cool Inkscape tutorials. She doesn’t have a lot, but pretty high quality.