Insect WIP

(S68) #1

Yeah! Lightflow is nice but I need some Pure Blender sometimes!

A Dragonfly WIP


will add some mountains in the background and grass/flowers in foreground soon :slight_smile:



(BgDM) #2

WOW :o Great detail Stefano! Love the eyes. Icospheres?

Add some mblur to the wings and you have a winner here!


(sten) #3

nice done :smiley:

great fantasy colors :wink:

(Xtra) #4

Nice! Do you have something like that in your kitchen? :wink:


(S68) #5

Thanx for comments…

Not only. It’s an Iconsphere where I parented a UV sphere and then dupliverted…

For motion blur… I thought at that, but I’ll loose the wing details, which were so hard to model… I’ll probably add motion blur to the far dragonfly and have the nearer one rest on a weed…

I had, now it has been used for pasta :slight_smile: You know, it tastes like Lobster…


(blengine) #6

wow great pic, i really like the legs and wings

(stephen2002) #7

scary looking! Just don’t look into the eyes too long, they are mesmerizing!

nice details

(Bapsis) #8

Great work man, can picture it flyin around a marsh lookin for things to bug. :wink: Are you going to animate it at all? I think that would be sweet.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(rixtr66) #9

great modelling!the colors are kinda…loud,but cool
cant wait too see it finished.

rixtr 8)

(pofo) #10

Very nice model

It ‘feels’ kinda slimy though, while most dragonflies have more of a dusty dry feel to them. Not to mention the sound, there’s nothing that sounds so much like a sunny and dry summer day as the sound of a big dragonfly in flight.

Still it’s very well done.

  1. pofo

(S68) #11


True dragonflies are sorta ‘hairy’ and hence look different than mine. I tried a stucci… well… ahve to try something different…

Now, back to leaf modelling :wink: