Insert another object


I’m new on the forums and I think I’m not in the good one, but I didn’t find better to ask my question.
How to insert another object in the current project?

Thanks in advance to someone will answer me!
(and scuse my english, I do not talk in this language everyday!)


Shft-A and select an object from the menu. If you mean for Animation your object should be on a hidden layer and give it a Layer IPO. At the frame you want it added to the scene move it to a visible layer keyframe the Layer again.


Ha right, I think I have wrong explained. I wanted to say ‘‘How to insert an object from another project in the current project’’. Sorry for this error. Could you still help me?

T. Edoc

Go File >> Append and navigate to the Library file then append from the Object lib (not Mesh or Armature).


Thanks very much! It’s workin’ now!

Good Night!