Inserting Text???


I’m new to using Blender, and while i am learning a lot through tutorials, there is much i can not figure out.

I would like to add a bit of writing to my piece, and I can not figure it out. Any and all help will be MUCH appriciated!

I’m using Blender 2.49.2, and i am running Ubuntu 10.04

thanks for the Help!


To add a text, press Space bar (or Shift+A) and then select Text. When you press Tab for Edit mode, you’ll edit your text (text editing mode).

After you are finished with your text, you may want to convert it to a mesh by pressing Alt+C .

For an advanced use of text, there is some very helpful tutorials about text editing in Blender in

Happy Blendering :slight_smile:

The BlenderGURU stuff focuses on 2.5.

For 2.49, you may want to use my new text tool, “BlendText”.

Just click on BlendText in my signature.