inset and extrude

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I am new to blender.

I don’t understand. Is there any difference between inset and extrude ?
I mean in the case I want to reduce thickness : I can either do it with inset or extrude the faces, leave it in place and scale.
Using the Depth option with inset seems fairly similar to me to extrude and scale.

Thanks for your answers

Excuse me for my approximate English

(JA12) #2

So the question is: what is the difference between inset and extrude+scale. Inset tries to offset the edges with the set amount, while scaling doesn’t because the selected geometry from the extrusion is scaled along the set pivot point (median by default).

You won’t notice a difference with a plane or with a side of a cube, but try it with U shape mesh and it starts to make sense.

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I just tried it makes sense.
Thank you

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I’m trying the “U” shape, but not sure what you meant by I’d see a difference. How exactly did you “see” the difference? Did you only select one face?

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I think he meant U-shaped like this:

if you are doing individual faces, the difference is harder to spot.

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Ill try that :). thanks for the detailed explanation!

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Also, for odd shaped faces, scaling the faces is much less consistent than insetting them:

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Ooopsie, the left for mine is the extrude-scale, and the right is the inset, I must have done something badly.