Inset / Extrude Inner - Is there something similar or a workaround on Blender? :(

Hello there, i’m modelling a lot windows, and i’ve been using blender has 4 years, so i’m experienced.

But i’m having a really annoying problem, as you can see on the attached image.

    • OFF(how to place the attached image in text?)

I know it’s possible to do something good using curves and setting a “profile” curve on Bevel Shape (BevOb) so i could achieve the desired object, but it would costs me a lot of time because i need to model a lot of similar objects.

So i decided to ask here if someone knows any workaround os some script to do that.

Thank you very much and sorry my english!


It looks like you’re starting with edges only. And for the second extrusion you’ve already used Alt+S, I think.
If you start with faces you could use the Solidify Selection Script, this keeps the thickness quite good.


Thanks man, but don’t work also, look the attached image :(.

I don’t believe there’s no way to do this without a lot of work :(…

:(:(:((where’s the crying smile?)


Oh man! it worked like a charm! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Look the attachment for more info!

Thank you very much!!! :D:D:D:D:D


Nice to see, it works for you.

Have Fun, Patel

Thank you man! :slight_smile: Anyways, an inset tool is a must-have for Blender 2.5, don’t you think?

Yes - I’m missing a proper Inset or Offset Tool as well.
It should have been a must-have for a long time before 2.5.
But as long as there are workarounds possible, it’s O.K.

There IS an inset python script that works much faster. Download the scripts Blender here:

Works in mesh mode - look for it in the scripts menu. I can’t survive without it :wink: