Inset tool

I would like to achieve a precise inset effect. for eg. Inset a polygon selection by say 0.23 blender units irrespective of the size of the polygon selection.

Currently we can inset using:

  1. Extrude using ‘e’. Then scale inwards using ‘s’. or
  2. Use the Inset polygon tool by Howard Trickey, which is integrated in Blender 2.58.

But both methods are approximate since the inset value is either percent or absolute (scale value). I do not want to go to the trouble of calculating the percent value or scale value when I know I want to inset by x blender units from the outer edge.

How do I go about doing this in blender?

I am not interested in getting an approximate inset done.
Pls advise.

Blender Noob
PS: I am an Architect and would like to learn blender to use for ‘precise’ Architectural modeling and visualisation.

if you need a precise inset, try using wings3D ( free ) which has an inset tool that is quite good. You can import / export obj format.

@Modron: Thx bro. but Inset is a regularly used tool in the modeling pipeline. It is not practical to jump between wings3d and blender every time an inset is required. I would like to stick to one modeling tool (in this case blender) and get my job done. :slight_smile:

Yes, but it is just not possible at this time as far as I know. The only thing to do is hope that the script will be refined at some point.

There must be some workaround that gets me the desired inset in required blender units.

you could use the knife tool or loop cut tool, but that might add unnecessary polygons. you can also adjust things using numerical entry. ( hit N in the 3D window for the panel )
(edit) and there are also snapping tools and a new edge slide add-on.
(edit) also the retopo tools could be useful.

I just noticed in the add-on repository, there are two different inset tools. perhaps one is better suited to your purpose than the other.

If memory serves me JoS’ inset add-on have a sort of “precision mode” by moving the mouse while pressing SHIFT, CTRL and combinations of both.