Inside and out is released

Howdy all,

I just saw Pixar’s new movie Inside and Out last night. It was a really great movie, and what made it even better was seeing Colin Levy name in the credit’s twice, not once but twice. He is in the credits for working on the Lava short and for being part of the Layout artist team for the movie.
I know for me personally Colin Levy is inspiring because climbed the ladder of animation using blender and has made it to all the way to Pixar.

Congrats to Colin you are helping make fantastic movies.


Hi again,

I just watched the movie again this time with Josh Cooley as a special guest. Josh Cooley was the head of the story board and also helped write the story. His next job is as director for Toy story 4. After the movie Josh did a Q&A so here are some cool facts about the movie.

There are a total of 127000 story board drawings in the final version of the movie, that is an averege of around 23 drawings per second of film

When comming up with the what emotions to use they consulted the leading brain scientists, some scientists said a person has only 3 emotions, another said 7 and one person said 28. Pixar decided to on five emotions because it worked best with their story.

One version of the movie had 28 different emotions, and that got really complicated very quickly.

The story is largely based of the director’s own childhood, at age seven his family moved from minnesota to Normway.

Pixar had to write new software to make the emotions who are actually created of particles. watching the movie you can see that the emotions look sort of furry, this is because they are made of moving particles.

Interesting stuff. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Went and saw this movie for Father’s Day, and loved it! Also loved the short LAVA that played before it.

This is a movie that you really have to see on the big screen!

Yeah the LAVA short is pretty great it reminds me a lot of the blue umbrella.
and definitaly it benefits from the big screen.

Went and saw it with my sone (19yo) on father’s day too. We both had tears in our eyes like little babies when in it was done. Easily one of their best films to date. It’s also yet another Pixar film where the tailer lays out a premise that sounds totally stupid but some how, they totally pull it off. When I first saw the tailer, I thought this was finally going to be a bad Pixar film. While watching the movie I was totally stunned by how deep and meaning full it was. It’s a story that come straight from the heart. I’ll probably go see it again just to look out for all the subtleties that I missed from all the tears in my eyes. :wink:

@Indy_logic I am glad you enjoyed the movie, yes it was a bit sad, I found it very deep and very relatable for me especially because I moved from Texas to California when I was six. I would definitaly suggest watching it again, the a some very neat subtleties that I noticed on the second time I watched it. Small things like how the emotions’ movements are sort of baby like at the very beginning when Riley is a baby.