Install blend game?

Does some1 know how i can make my game that people can install it?

Yes. Export your game to a runtime so that it becomes an EXE. Download Inno Setup and learn to use it, it’s pretty easy. Make sure you include the correct DLLs for your game to run. They can be found in the Blender program folder.

thx ! :smiley: ill if it works

mm it works… but he doesn’t find the images of the game…

you have to pack up image texture before saving the runtime :stuck_out_tongue: ( you go to ----> file ----> Pack file) or ( you go to UV layout ----> select each texture and click the little “gift” icon to pack it)

thx! and uhh… are you that guy whioch made that funny blender game as in your avatar? :smiley:
I also made one that looks abit like that :stuck_out_tongue:

U can use Marco’s Blendlauncher for the setup. Guess that might come in quite handy.


  • wich one of my game you’ve seen?

  • You dont know kirby??! SHAME ON YOU XD!!! actually kirby and is owned by Nintendo… its only fangame of him i created.

  • Or maybe you mistook me for someone else

good day :slight_smile:

yea, i dont know. i saw a movie on youtube which was posted under “blender game” or something name… to i thought you made that game… :smiley:

yeah I think it was me I’ve several video with works I’ve done with blender on youtube, the one you saw seems to be an old one, I deleted it since Ive lost the file about that game on my older computer but I’ve been working on 2 new project recently and there’s a video of one of these in my youtube pagebut my member name at youtube is Mico027 but lets return to topic lol…

well seems you’ve clreared you question about this one lol,

I declare this thread dead! rofl XD

lol, i checked your movie… very nice :smiley:

lol, i checked your movie… very nice :stuck_out_tongue: