Install Blender on a MAc?????

I am missing something. I cannot install this program on my Imac G5. I dowload the program from the site, open the folder, click on the blender icon and it appears for a second in the dock then, nothing. I have put the contents into a folder and dragged it to Applications then tried to open it from there. Again nothing.

How do I install Blender on a Mac?:confused:

You need to install Python ( and make sure you get the version that your exe is compiled with (either 2.3 or 2.4, go look on the download page if you’re unsure).


Your Mac should have Python installed by default - usually Python2.3.

If you downloaded “Blender 2.42…Py2.4” then it won’t work unless you install Python 2.4. Alternatively, download “Blender…Py2.3” and it will work just the same with less messing around.

thanks guys.