Install themes in 2.49

Hey all, I’m trying to install a theme in 2.49 on windows vista 32 bit. I go to program files/blender foundation/ blender and there is no script folder to be found?? Is there another place it could be?

Grateful for the help!

the theme should be a .py file, open blender, open the text editor, open the file and hit execute, it’ll then change the interface (colour scheme etc) to the theme and then you hit ctrl+u to save it as the default.

I’m still very new at this, could you walk me through step-by-step please?

I’m still new to this, could you walk me through it step-by-step. I try to open it after I’ve switched to the editor window and it doesn’t work. Thanks for the help!

If you use the installable version of Blender, it defaults to putting your scripts (and some other files) into a Windows system folder for Application Data (buried somewhere inside Documents and Settings). You can re-install Blender and choose the other option for where to place these files, or just download the zipped version (no installer app included) and simply unzip everything into one easy-to-locate folder.

Most tutorials on how to install themes were written before alternate folder locations were implemented. It’s simpler (and more secure) to keep everything in one main folder structure.

Ok, thanks, but my question is how do I open up that python script in Blender. I’d rather not have to go through reinstalling and such.

Went into the text editor, but it won’t open the file. This is not a script I did but one from Blender For Dummies.

A-HA! I got it! YAY…thanks for the help guys!