Installed ACES color management to Blender now im confused!

Yes, ACEScg render space, P3-D60 view xform. Everything stays linear until the end. I don’t see any upside to using a view xform as your render space.

P3-D60 looked closest to the sRGB output we had started with while handling brights in a nicer way, and we didn’t want to stray too far from where we had begun.

Thank you for all the info, @troy_s

I also read your thorough post above about gamut mapping and ACES. I’m quite new to these aspects but it’s fascinating and I can see the deep implication all this can have.

It’s easy to find tutorials of any kind and aspect but color management is not as popular. I guess it’s because it sounds more technical and less creative but a proper understanding (or misunderstanding) can truly affect our work. Theoretically, it should be a priority for any digital artist.

I read several times about color management, I seem to grasp it, I set up my applications in the right way. After a while, it seems what I learned fades away and, if for any reason I need to go over the setup again, I have to start from scratch and re-learn what I knew. Maybe it’s because it’s something we don’t put into practice every day.

Anyway, I’ll follow your posts, I’m sure there’s a lot I can learn from them.

This is a nightmare.

Anyone who makes an image puts the concepts to work every single second, it is just a challenge to see it.

The real problem is elevating the general shock troop understanding, the people fighting it out in the trenches, to make it more clear.

At the end of the day, it all loops back to understanding light, as that is what comes out of a display, is emulated in path tracing models, etc. Keeping a keen eye on the physically relevant concept of light can help to keep things much clearer in the mind, and peel away the layers of confusion.

Pure rubbish.

That’s not at all how ACES is supposed to work. You’re not supposed to pick an ODT that looks nice on the displays in your studio and use that for everything, you use the one that corresponds to the display you’re looking through. Then at delivery you use the ODT for the display type you’re delivering for. (ideally you have a display of this type to grade with so you’re not guessing what the delivery ODT is going to do).

If you don’t have P3-D60 calibrated monitors at your workstations, and P3-D60 isn’t your delivery target, it makes no sense at all to use that ODT as your view while you’re working. It’s not even going to look the same unless you had sRGB/D65 monitors and tagged the footage as sRGB so that your viewers end up making the same wrong view you had. (then its at least consistent). If you view on sRGB displays then deliver it as actual P3-D60, nobody who watches that is going to see the same thing you saw while working.

P3-D60 was the delivery target. It’s just that we had already done some look-dev prior to adopting ACES (I know, not ideal). In any event, it all worked just fine. Obviously, it wasn’t a perfect situation, and lighters/compositors were working remote from home so it was impossible to calibrate monitors. In the end, the colorist had the latitude to make adjustments as needed.

OK then, Doug Walker is wrong and you are right.

I speak with Doug on a semi-infrequent basis. Would you like me to ask him about the veracity of your claim?

That would be great. I’d like a more detailed clarification of this myself. It’s not really my claim though. It’s a quote of his I read(the CTL/CTF bit, not the spectral rendering bit)

Spectral is spectral. We can’t get “closer” to it via RGB. I’d need the direct quote to bring it up in any sane manner though. Link?

The “closest” we can get to spectral within an RGB encoding model is using spectral -like primaries, such as BT.2020. Within that, because the nature of the RGB model is based on top of the CIE XYZ model, it all falls to :poop:, and can’t ever get close.

So until all rendering subsystems migrate to fully spectral rendering, we are out of luck. On the upside, it seems that more than a few engines are migrating that way.

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Sorry a little of topic but, any1 knows how to avoid this list ? Cant access all presets because Utility-linearSrgb is out of screen. Thx in advance

Not possible in Blender currently. Only workaround I know is to zoom out far enough in the node editor that the entire menu fits on screen.

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