Installing Alpha

Anyone know how to install the new blender 2.40 Alpha for Windows XP?

Just download the file, unzip it, then open the folder that results from unzipping it, and click on the blender.exe file to start. (That’s assuming that you’re on Windows.) Hope this helps.:slight_smile:


I keep getting a message saying “A required .DLL file, MSVCR71.DLL, was not found.”

the python 24 dll that comes with the build you downloaded requires the micrsooft visual c 7.1 runtime to be installed

see if you can find a newer build, or find that dll online

what zip program are you using? if it the windaws internal, are you shoure you coping everything (CTRL+A to select all) if you using something else make sure it’s maintaing the directry structure (this can be switched off in win zip for example

But msvcr71.dll is not a blender file it’s part of copilded th C code files.

hey i’m running of one of my colegegs computers at work and the same things happening here Windows XP and blender on a stick ??? strange very strange

This dll is required by some programs, not only blender. Put it in windows\system32\ directory, and it should work.

sorry, z3r0 d wisdom has made a fool of me and he beet me to it, i humbly bow, all hail z3r0 d.

MassTA, link works and soved my prob