installing an addon


i have version 2.65a of blender for windows 7 64bit
im trying to install this file:
ive looked on the blender wiki and followed the 3 ways of installing an addon but no matter what i try it wont show up in the ‘addons’ section of the user preferences…

i should add that ive got blender running while im trying to install this (since im getting blender to render a scene at the moment) so i open up another blender and have been trying to install the file that way.

should i have blender closed while i move the export-paper-model addon into the ‘addons’ directory of blender? or might i not have the most up to date version of python?

i really need this to work and am getting nowhere. please help!

I don’t think you have to close Blender after installing an addon.
I tried it with another addon and it worked without starting Blender again.
But I think addons has to be a .zip archive to install them.
You have a .py script. Can you install it as an addon?
You could execute it, but not install it I think.
But this is just an idea I don’t know wether you also can install .py as an addon.

Download the attached file (.zip or .py files both work) or
In the Addons panel select ‘Install from File’, select the file you just downloaded, tick addon to enable it, press the Save as Default if you want it to be enabled everytime you open blender

On the page you linked to don’t download the file, copy/paste the code rather than just downloading it as a .py file.

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