Installing blender 2.44 in linux


I have gave it a trial to run blender in linux, but so far it tells me that it does not know the command blender under the terminal. I know it has something to do
with the fact that I have to put it in some directory but I don’t know which one and
maybe blender has to know the path of python, on which my machine it is 2.5

If anybody has a good solution to this, thank you in advance.



Hi what linux distro are you using?

in ubuntu just type :
sudo apt-get install blender

and it will take care of everything for you :slight_smile:


I am using OpenSuse, so I just had downloaded the x86_64 package and it was not recognized by my system, but I have python. The command apt-get is also not

But as nothing seems impossible I think I will go on with OpenSuse.

Thank you in advance for any HLP.



if I remember well, to install soft packages in Suse, you must use YAST package manager ( rpm)
Apt-get it’s for Debian based distibutions ( deb)
Probably the new 2.44 isn’t yet in the Suse
You can install it by hand, it’s quite easy
Just download Blender from the Blender site, uncompress it, open a terminal in
the new blender directory and type ./blender
It should work


I have the following error while typing the command ./blender in the terminal;

./blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

What could be wrong with this, is the installation of python not correct or blender,
I have installed it in the home directory under the name; /blender-2.44/

Thanks for any reply.


python --version
to find out what version of python your system thinks you are running

The version of python is 2.5, maybe blender works with 2.4


blender looks for libpython2.4. 2.4 is the version.

Download the Python 2.5 version then… :rolleyes:

Opening your eyes when downloading software sometimes helps…

As root type:
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

edit: or do what Lynx3d says

Ouch…you better not try that.

Symlinking libraries is always a bad idea. This advice can cause problems with anything that has
Python as a dependency. For instance, on my machine these are all linked directly to Python:

aurbuild  boost  mtink  namcap  openoffice-base  pycairo pygobject  python-eyed3  
python-numeric pyxml dbus-python pyogg  pyvorbis  python-elementtree  mutagen 
python-pysqlite pyorbit  gnome-python koffice scribus scons blender-svn-particles

Hello, I have done an install from Yast which did not caused any problems though an update could be possible for some reason, or making plugins for film.


hello i had the same problem withe blender so i instaled it from yast the wird is tha in yast it shows that the blender is installed but i cant run it can anyone help how i run blender? it is not at the kmenu

Go to the blender directory and type in the console ./blender ( with dot slash )
You can also place a starter on the desktop as long as you also put in the ./