Installing Linux with 128 MB RAM

I would like to install Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on an old Windows Millennium computer.
However for this purpose you seem to need 320 MB of RAM to install from CD.

What are possible alternatives?

kind regards Tony

I forgot to mention that the Millennium computer does have 128 MB RAM.

upgrade to Windows 3.1

Use a distro more suited to low end machines like Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux etc.

Damn small is nice, after you install it to the HD it is basically debian

Possibly Xubuntu will work. Just try it.

Many thanks for the information.

Now I have to make a choice between Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux and Xubuntu Linux.

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I like Graphpup its a spinoff of Puppy. I have tried a bunch of small Linux distros I found Puppy to be the easiest to set up and use for a Linux new guy like my self. I still havent got a printer working at all under any Linux. DSL works well on older machines DELI will run well on a junk PC. -allot of Puppy spinoffs
this is just cool

here is yeat another good one,

look in the boot options for low ram booting.

There are a few spinoffs of this too, there is one that uses fluxbox as the windows manager, you will probably want to try.

Thanks very much for the extra information. I will look into that.

Especially Grafpup could be interesting since I’m using Blender, Inkscape and The Gimp already.

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Don’t usdamn small linux !!!
Use the original debian(much better…)

I have installed the last version of debian (4) on a machine with p2@350 mhz and 64 mb ram and it worked perfectly !!! lol

Thanks Sma,

I will not use damn small linux then.

I will consider Debian.

What would be the best Linux for my Me comp with 128 MB RAM, If I would use it only for rendering.

If I would use it only for rendering.

Honestly none of them, I mean sure you could but it would take a long time to render.

If you are serious about using it as a render machine look at Gentoo for performance.

Hello kit89,

I will definitely look into Gentoo,


I vote for Debian.

Download the netinstall CD, boot it with the ‘installgui’ option, and when it’s time to select packages, don’t select the "desktop environment’ option. That will install Gnome. Install IceWM or maybe XFCE after the main install is done. Speed through minimalism!

I can understand Ubuntu failing with 128mb RAM if your trying to start a live CD Desktop and install from there but if you just boot the CD and try to do a graphical install or maybe even a non graphical install if your really stuck Ubuntu will install with 128mb I’m sure.

As said already Linux will install and run on 64mb. When i started with Redhat eight years ago I was installing onto a P1 with 64mb, then Gentoo on a P2 with 64mb no problem, full XServer and Gnome. No need for Puppy or DSL etc.

After trying a lot of distros over the years, Ubuntu is for me on balance the best distro for Desktop use, although Sabyon and Gentoo would get the most out of your machine.

Ubuntu, as with many leading distros has no issue with offering propritary drivers for such as NVidia Vid cards, because you can bet the very next question you’ll ask when you’ve installed linux is why the desktop is so slow.

i’ve tried xubuntu on a 500Mhz 92MB ram laptop…it worked well (blender, gimp, MS Office 2000 with wine, audacity, ardour). xubuntu claims to even run with as small 64MB ram.

i myself would like to try Gentoo in the future, since it’s recommended for performance (as some of the guys pointed out).

lol, you guys are funny,

After you install damn small, all you have to do is change the apt-get repository , and you have debian.

I also recommend Gentoo if you can get it to install , the installer is not really for beginners. They make you do a lot of things manually, which in some ways is good.
I am not sure is it will work on low ram systems, I have never tried it on anything smaller than 256 megs of ram.

Thanks again.

I will try debian (probably starting from damn small linux) or gentoo.

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