Instance of a prop, procedural objects and duplicating objects? Help...

Hi guys! I want to make a flower garden and since all the flowers are going to be the same model, want to be wise and save resources, please could someone explain me in brief words, or refer me to good articles for the blender game engine, where i could resolve this questions…

I read around here and found someone saying, i dont remember who since it was some time ago,
“make each of the cubes but one an instance of the one cube remained”, what that means?
As long as i remember it was to save memory but how do i do that?

Also what does mean to make procedural props?

And what is wrong with using shift + D instead of alt + D, what are the differences in the BGE?

I finally take courage to make a game, but i want it to be the best possible that i can archive. With help im sure it be even better!
Also i want it to be able to run on most computers, and with out a graphic card, so i guess i cant use GSLS and stencil methods right?

Glad to be here! Cheers and have a good day! :smiley:

<shift+d> make a full copy
<ctrl+d> make a copy with shared mesh

Saving memory is not the top priority on a game. The benefit of sharing data is the workflow. If you want to change the flowers you need to change one mesh only rather than all meshes. Obviously this does noz work on different meshes.

Top priority is: Entertain the viewer

You get that by:
Non-interruptive presentation (constant framerate)
Easy usage (user interface)
Consistent look and feel

Your garden sounds like a candidate for slow framerate (lots of objects). You should think of some techniques for gerformance increasse.

probably with ALT+D you use less RAM , but is anyway a obj .
and having a lot of obj is the worse thing .
better joint many mesh with CTRL+J

less obj you have more fast still the game

and yes , GLSL is not anything good for old PC.

just 2/3 lights and the framerate is death …

Thanks guys! :smiley: