Instant Meshes Remesh

Now support for editing your mesh in the Instant Meshes UI and a batch function to remesh multiple objects at once. See here:

IMPORTANT: when using the UI you have to save your mesh as %TEMP%\out.obj (or whatever your temp dir is in Linux/Mac)


here is simple addon that uses the commandline version of Instant Meshes to integrate it into Blender.
What it does:
Exports your object, runs InstantMeshes with the specified settings, imports the result and sets UVs and Materials, hides the original Object.
Get it here!

Of course if you want to have the paint option of the original program you have to do it all manually. But I have a couple of cases now, where the default is enough.

Feel free to improve it. (e.g. match the parenting of the original object)

A simple usage preview:

Installation instructions:

  • Download the original Instant Meshes program
  • Download from my github repo and put it into your addons folder
  • Activate it inside Blender and set the filepath to the Instant Meshes executable
  • Now you should have a Instant Meshes Remesh command in the object menu (see video at 0:27)



Thanks, the addon works well. Remesh options are always welcome.
Conveniënt that we don’t have to switch over to other application but have it integrated in Blender.

Thank you.
I do not know if you knew this other:

Just in case you are interested in joining forces with that other addon, I think that it also needs some maintenance and some things do not seem to be working.

Good idea. Didn’t think about using instant meshes mesh combing ability for straight remeshing…
Gonna try it soon. :cat::cat::cat:

Works quite well, thank you. I can’t find it in a panel in Blender 2.79 (I used the menu search option to call it), so (I’m guessing) it’s related to Blender 2.8 ?

What is the addon called in 2.79b? I cannot find it in the addons panel to enable it. How does one install it? Thanks

@YAFU Thanks, I didn’t know about that one, I’ll take a look.
@didli @bkjernisted I’m using it in 2.79b. Just copy to your addons folder and enable. The command shows up in the objects menu, see the video for reference.


knekke, do you have to install both addons at the top of the page in blender?

You have to download the Instant Meshes program. And in the preferences for my add-on it asks for the path to the executable.

I downloaded both files at the top of the page. What do I do with the first file? Thanks

I added installation instructions to the original post

What do I do with this file.what%20do%20I%20do%20with%20this%20file On the page I downloaded this file from there is a datasets download. What do I do with this file? datasets Thanks

really?.. On the InstantMeshes github page… if you scroll down a bit, there are precompiled binaries for windows
There you will find the executable that you need to specify in my addon.

Some might try to install zip-file on the github page’s clone/download button. Instead of installing the zip file in Blender you need the In some browsers if you save as…py-file, it saves with all the html-code. Two options:

a) Copy the code put it in notepad > safe as with UTF-8 encoding. In the text-editor you should see code that starts with:
bl_info = {
“name”: “Instant Meshes Remesh”,
“author”: “knekke”,

b) download the zip-file > extract it > and install

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What do I do with the files I posted pictures of in my previous post? The first picture is of the file you download in your first link. The second picture is of a datasets file you download from on the same page. Thanks

nothing, just take the I posted earlier. What you downloaded is the source-code and some datasets to demo the program. we don’t need that.

Thank you knekke.

Excellent tool, but it has a bug in win10 x64 blender 2.79b all of this menus disappears

just right click on something and try again…

yes it works, clicking other mesh or creating a new one. Thankx for the tool