Instantly move an object with no animation in between?

Is there an easy way to instantly move an object from one location keypoint to another location keypoint without any animation in between?

For example. I’m doing 2D animation and I have an object which has been animated to move off camera to the left side of the scene by the end of frame 30. At frame 60, I need the object to be off camera at the right side of the scene so I can have it enter the scene from the right. I want to make the object jump from it’s location during frame 30 to it’s new location at frame 60 without any animation in between.

I could of course animate the object to move around the outside of the camera view or I could animate it to move under the background of my scene, but if I can just teleport from one position to another that would be better.

I suppose I could also move it from it’s off screen position at frame 30 to another off screen position at frame 31 and with no frames in between, it wouldn’t visibly animate.

Is there an easier way to instantly move an object?

In the graph editor select the location points and set the Interpolation mode (shortcut T) to ‘constant’
Keyframe the object location on two consecutive frames then it will move location on that frame change. In your example feyframe the old location on frame 59 and the new location on frame 60

I might try the graph editor and the constant interpolation mode, but now that I think about it, perhaps the idea to keyframe adjacent frames might be easier.

Thanks Richard.