Intel Core i5 Vs Core i7

Hey guys, I’m planning on building a computer pretty soon through Newegg, and I’m trying to decide on the Processor, the Core i5 is about $219 USD, and the i7 is about $299 USD, both have really similar specs.


But is the i7 worth the extra money into it? Most of my computer parts are selected, and is already costing me about a $1000, should I invest the $80 or so more?

So you have already picked all of your parts my suggestion would be the i7, and if your not sure if the parts are compatable then…
I say this to much check out

Assuming equal clock speeds, for your extra $80 you’ll get hyperthreading. Rendering is a scenario where hyperthreading is pretty effective (also depends on the particular renderer), so if you intend to render on your CPU, it will net you a nice ~20% performance increase. It’s up to you if you consider that cost-effective or not.

Does this look like it will all work together? I found everything on the site you suggested, but I wasn’t sure how to get it to let me know if they were compatible.

Here’s the parts:

Looks all compatable to me good job! It’ll tell you that there are potential incompatibilities if you picked somthing wrong.
One thing though you didn’t pick a cpu cooler.

i5 & i7 are boxed with cooler. :slight_smile:

I must say though, that I felt no diff in changing from i5 to i7 on my home box, which I did just a few months back. Seems the only thing differing is the hyperthreading and that might make a diff when rendering, as stated above - I can just say, I personally would spend my money on RAM or the GPU rather than the CPU in this case…

I’m getting 16 GB of Ram, and I’m spending $267 on the GPU, so I haven’t skimped to much on either. Plus I think the hyperthreading will help me out tons.

Sry, should have checked your spec’s… But if you’re maxed out in everything else, no reason not to get the i7 if you can afford it… The only thing I can say is, I didn’t notice any performance gain to speak of after switching from i5 to i7 in my box - the thing is, it’s no bigg diff from a 1st gen i5 to a 3rd gen i7either - it seems Moores law is out of whack since a few years now… That’s why I said RAM + GPU. But as you never will have enough performance in graphics, bus as fast as box you can afford, hehe… ;D

I’ve worked on a computer with similar specs except for the processor- i5 and i7, and I would say go for the i7. The decrease in render times isn’t jaw-dropping, but it’s substantial enough to make a big difference, especially if you render professionally.

Definitely the i7. I found it worth the extra money.

You won’t see any difference in the 3D View, but when rendering, you will.

I7 is best ,graphics quality is best.

I7 is much better then i5…It work better than i 5…So i suggest u to buy i 7

all you will get is

a nice ~20% performance increase


At most 20%. :stuck_out_tongue: equal clock speeds, for your extra $80 you’ll get hyperthreading.