Intel i5-1035G4, Intel Iris OpenGL Poor viewport performance. NOT EEVEE

Hi everyone,

Okay well lets cross off the list of essentials here before I continue.

  • I searched the forum
  • I searched Google
  • I still don’t have a fix for this issue
  • I still want a fix for this issue

Okay with that out of the way. Let me start off by given the TLDR and then I’ll dive into the details.

10th Gen Intel Iris graphics in Windows 10 with Blender has abysmal viewport performance. And not just in Eevee. Laptop is being out performed by the same chassis laptop but with a i3-7100U and HD 620 graphics. Also, in the mean time to make my laptop useful again for Blender, I have switched over to Pop OS (ie: Linux) and it runs magically smooth there with great performance.

So that should be it right? Problem solved? Same laptop, different OS and BOOM! Blender again.

Well not really. Because while it is a “fix” of the ultimate idea of having Blender run on this machine. It still has me resorting to Linux to get things to work. And before anyone says anything, yes I do love linux and understand that Blender runs AMAZING in linux naturally. But Linux doesn’t have native Google Drive Desktop support. Yes I know of the current work around clients, Like OverGrive. But I gave those dudes $5 for a license and they never sent me my activation key or a response for their negligence. And seeing how Windows 10 is objectively pretty good these days, I would rather still get what I paid for out of this machine.

So with that being said. I have a HP 14-dq1033cl. The machine is cheap and upgradeable, and suits my need for a cheap carry around Blender machine and portable go to. (I have a R5 3600, RTX2070 Super machine I use for actual work with Blender) I am after all seeing if anyone has heard anymore news or possible fixes from Intel with their less than spectacular OpenGL drivers or Blender’s possible potential fixing of this problem. I haven’t found much on this and given that Iris and 10th gen laptops have been on the market I figured I would have found more complaints about this issue.

I will also note that I did update my drivers for this laptop with HPs own drivers for this machine. But then after no success with them I did some digging. I found out that HP doesn’t have the correct specifications listed for this laptop on their support page for it. And that the drivers are listed for Intel HD graphics not Iris. So I booted into safe mode and fully wiped out the HP drivers and installed Intel DCH drivers for this chipset. That worked flawlessly as far as the install went. But Blender was still stuttering rotating around the default cube. So I am at a loss. In linux it runs buttery smooth, and under Windows 10 it runs like hot garbage and isn’t usable. First time I have seen Blender run soo poorly and I ran Blender back in the day on a single core with 1gb Ram.

I will also be posting a couple linked videos showing how Blender runs here in Windows 10 vs Linux.

Glad to be back on Blender Artist again.

Thanks in advance for all replies to this thread.

I don’t have a solution for you, but this looks to be a know issue.

Keep and eye on this thread.

As to gdrive access on Linux, I use rclone quite a lot. In my experience it’s been far more flexible and reliable than the native Windows application.

Thanks for the reply. I have seen that Intel OpenGL drivers especially for the Iris line of integrated graphics is pretty limited if not outright terrible and has caused people on this forum issues. I recall seeing a post about someones Microsoft Surface product experiencing such issues.

As for google drive clients for Linux, I had heard about about rclone. But I was looking for a client with a gui and that I could specifically select what folders from my drive to sync. I will look into that more separately. But that is out of the scope of this topic.

In regards, to my current issue as well as people with Iris graphics. It’s kind of comical now looking how I chose this hardware configuration for this laptop. I originally replaced my 14 hp with the 7100U in it with a 14" HP with Ryzen 3200 and Vega 3. And while it performed great, with Eevee it stumbled where the older hd 620 graphics excelled. So I returned that laptop. Then purchased another Hp, but with ryzen 5 3500u and vega 8. And same story, just didn’t feel like the improvement in Blender given how well the hardware outperformed Intel parts in everything else. So I gave up. And then I found the cheeky 14" HP that I was trying to replace, but with a 10th Gen intel i5 and Iris graphics. And I thought from trial and error that this would provide just a better experience than the 7100U based 14" HP I was replacing. And so I bought it from Amazon. That was a mistake as their return policy with open box items quite honestly sucks.

And while I love this little laptop for what it is, I just can’t use Windows 10 with it because I quite literately use Blender everyday for work and at home for fun. It’s basically my life after all of these years. Since 2008 back in 2.48 to be exact. And throughout the years I have basically came to rely on Blender being able to run on almost ANYTHING I have ever put it on! It’s quite amazing honestly.

Anyway, maybe when the new Ryzen 4000 chips come out I will find myself on another Ryzen system for my mobile unit. Until then I will keep an eye out and just use work arounds for when I am mobile.

Thanks again!