Intel vs AMD Blender

I’m a little bit confuse about i5 Vs FX for 3D, I took a look on the web but there were threads only for gaming.
The i5 4670k has 4 cores, 4 threads, and 3.4 Ghz while the 8350 counts 8 cores, 8 threads and 4 Ghz.
What is better for Blender? I don’t wanna render with CPU because I only use Cycles with my GTX 660 Ti, so I need a CPU for modeling or for simulate smoke, water…

The FX-8350 has eight “real” cores, but only four of them have an FPU (floating point unit, critical for rendering and certain calculations). So in fact both the i5 and the FX-8350 will run on 4 cores when rendering, despite the FX showing 8 threads.

All CPU benchmark results I found indicate that the FX-8350 is alltogether on par with the i5-4670K, with the i5 ahead in single threaded performance and the FX about 15 % faster in render benchmarks (latest Cinebench, e. g., guess this will apply to multi-threaded processes in general). Not sure how simulations are done in Blender, but my guess is that they’re still single-threaded, which would favour the i5.

If you want raw CPU power, there’s no alternative to Intel i7s, if you’re willing to pay the premium price.
In the price range of the Intel i5s however the 8-core AMDs put up a decent fight.

I agree :wink:
If you have lots of numbers IN front of the point on ur bank statement
go Intel
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This is simply not true. First of all, you can get a Xeon instead of an I7. Has 8 Threads and saves you quite some money. Second, you can even buy the cheapest Intel mobo and savely run the Xeon on it plus get a nice modern platform. There are dozens of threads where “not-so-fine” AMD boards throttle the 8xxx FX even at stock clocks. Third you are in for way less memory troubles. Forth, even if you saved a couple of bucks up until now, you are missing not only Intel´s performance and new instruction sets, but have to deal with way higher power consumption and noise. So one can only conclude that nowadays Intel costs the same per performance, if not even less.

Hi, for the price of an 4670K you can also buy an Xeon E3 1231v3. This CPU also runs with 3.4 Ghz and 3.8 Ghz Turbo + it got Hyperthreading(but no integrated GPU which you dont need). You would need to overclock the 4670k to roughly 4.4Ghz to compensate fore the Xeons HT while rendering. You won´t be able to overclock the Xeon but that only saves you a few bucks on the mainboard/cooling.