interaction between objects

Hi all:

Is it possible to use force fields to mediate the interaction between objects?, I mean instead of object/particles. For instance, can I make a cube attract another cube by means of a (lets say) electric force?

thanks in advance!!!

You can’t use force fields that are set in the animation panel. There are some magnet scripts and such floating around these forums.

I would look at this link.

thanks, I was wondering if I could do a game without knowing python, but now I see that it is not possible… :smiley:

You can have create a non-Python game. It is a question what you want to have in your game. Some things are not possible without scripting. Others are possible but require a lot of work and would be easier with scripting.

yes, I know that Blender has lots of applications to create a game (and of course I’m going to use them) but as far as I have investigated, things like a camera following the mouse or as in this case, force fields affecting an object, seems to be only possible by using python.