Interactive 3D floor plan

Hey all,

I just finished my latest project, which I was working on together with a friend for past few months.

It’s an interactive, web-based floor plan, which uses a 3D reconstruction of our school to nicely present the building. Most of the floor plan views are just full HD renders we are also working on implementing a 3D view of each room with sketchfab.

While the website itself is in German, you can view a more detailed description in English here.

If you like the project you could help us a lot by voting for it in the cityhype contest. (It’s just one click).

Here are some of the renders used in the web app.

You should add some area lights to the windows, and as to the site good idea, I think that the site design it´s too simple, lot of text.

I dont know german, but make my vote for you, kkkk.

Thanks a lot @andrepazleal!

I’ll look into some more photo-realistic lighting soon. Since the deadline of the contest was closing in, we didn’t really have the time to polish everything.

that’s a perfect work i like it :slight_smile: did you do this in cycles or blender render?

I made all the still images with cycles but for the interactive view I had to convert it to blender render because of sketchfab.

Does anyone know a way to easily put cycles scenes on sketchfab?