Interactive Quadrangulation

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Wow, it looks like the ultimate retopology tool… That’s amazing!

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that looks reeally really cool. but i guess since its siggraph it hasn’t been implemented anywhere?

Amazing indeed !
I noticed 3 of the names on that video are the same from those that made those “sketchretopo” papers that were presented in a previous siggraph :

These videos come out of EVERY SIG for the past 5 or 6 years, and yet I’ve never seen these methods implemented anywhere. Not even once. It’s curious. ZRemesher dominates the auto/semi-auto retopo field, but there are all kinds of neat options out there these days, at least in the form of white papers and demos. I know it’s PHd level stuff, but you’d think that SOME big name in the field would have ponied up for it considering the possible time savings.

Found another quadrangulation paper that will be at SIG '15.

On the website i linked about the papers from the siggraph 2013 version of it, if you’re adventurous you can download and try a “demo” of their sketchretopo on the bottom of their license agreement page :

There are some tutorials video for it apparently :

Interesting! I’ve checked their page periodically over the years and never seen anything for download. I’ll be playing with this now :smiley:

I just tested and this is really great ! We need that on Blender !

Got some time to try this out tonight.

It definitely needs some polish, mostly cosmetic UI/UX stuff. Also without the ‘query database’ it’s not ‘as’ easy to work with.
Still, I was very impressed by the tool. Unfortunately exporting is disabled so I can not see the mesh back in blender with a subSurf.

Here’s my test dummy and what I got while learning the hotkeys, tools, and improvising with app behavior.

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Is there a way to keep quads instead of triangles?
I tried to import a quad obj mesh but unfortunatly its getting triangulated is this a normal behaviour?.
When i import the mesh in blender i get a clean quad result.

The instruction videos in Youtube are quite impressive indeed… I downloaded it and tried to make something in it but there is the ‘Zenity’ matter… it refused to install in my pc by giving an error message. So the whole try was in vain. It is a pity that they did such an app and left it in a so sketchy condition. Today I sent them a related mail… in some such cases someone feels prompted to do it.

And yes… I fully agree with Pitiwazou, we need such a retopo tool in Blender…

I think it is possible to do somthing like this in blender and I hope some day, one dev would work on it.


i had the same problem, but i used this recommended version and it works fine.

Ah this tool seems to be only for triangel mesh import.

I skipped all the zenity stuff and used drag and drop method to import blender obj. quite amazing tools indeed. Still testing… the only thing it’s I’d prefer a spline based method to make strokes instead of hand drawn ones. Though the smoothing with shift is great.

Just some few minutes ago I received their reply. Their news are great: they think to present the app in a refined and open source version. And most of all, the manner that they replied was gladly responsive. They are people heartily devoted, to the project, as it seems.

Vanderhorst, I too did use the version of Zenity you mentioned but in vain. Anyway, in the reply of the authors there is a suggestion for a solution to this problem: they said that the issue has to do with the OS’s security mechanism and the solution is to run the installer as the admin user (by right-clicking the installer executable on Explorer).

MarcoG_ita, thanks for the information that there is such a way of skipping the ‘Zenity’ issue… I would never think to try it by myself. : - )

Contours/Polystrips provides a lot of similar functionality. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s a good start.

We need something coded in C++, not in python, contour polystrip, retopo mt etc are good but on a huge mesh it’s too slow.

And we need a tool inside blender, not an Addon or 10 addons, it’s frustrating.

Would love to see this in blender!

This Tool is really GREAT!!!

Same here! How this thing only appears now?

In true, the Export is ENABLED, but you have to install the Zenity(zenity-2.28.0_win32-3.exe (recommended version)) from the page pointed by @VANDERHORST here:

About implement it in Blender, Nicholas Bishop is the guy to do this job! Is he that bring lots of GREAT stuff to Blender in past! I just wonder… why the Blender Institute didn’t hired he till now?

@vida_vida I guess they hired him only temporarily to implement PTEX during Gooseberry project, but I really wish he would be hired for a longer time to fix Skin Modifier, make multires better and add more stuff to make Blender sculpting better.